Sunday, March 6, 2011

Small Press Month, Post # 6

March 6 - Create a sell-sheet (some call it a bibliographic data sheet, tip sheet, one-sheet).  Make sure you have information included that not only shows that you understand the industry, but that gives a buyer vital information about you and your book. If you have market information about the topic area that may spur sales later, mention it. (i.e. pending legislation, a controversial pending research study, forthcoming books that contradict yours, etc.) Your one-page sell sheet should include:
  • Your book cover
  • Your title and subtitle
  • Complete description highlighting reader benefits
  • Author bio and picture
  • Marketing summary and audience information
  • Endorsements, reviews, awards
  • Book metadata: ISBN, Pub Date, BISAC category, page count, features (pictures, index, resources, etc.)
  • Distributors/wholesalers
  • Your contact information - phone, website, email
  • Ordering information
Some experts recommend including competitive titles and their sales information.  If you know facts about this, share them.

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