Sunday, August 19, 2012

Metro Author Series for Fall - Ready for Registrations!

Register NOW for Fall 2012 Author Series 

To register online, go to WebAdvisor.
To register by phone, call 402-457-5231 or 800-228-9553
ONLINE COURSE INFORMATION - After registering for your online course, please complete the required Online Orientation at
To be placed on a wait list call 402-457-5231
Term: Fall 2012
Cost: $29 per session (senior discount available)

How to Write Your Book (COMM_005N)
September 29, 2012, 9-noon, Sarpy Campus
Admit it: You' ve always wanted to write a book. So what s stopping you? Publishing experts Sandra Wendel and Lisa Pelto will help you find time, focus your thoughts, outline your ideas, put words on paper,and get into print. It s easier (and less scary) than you think. Ideal for memoirs, nonfiction, and children s book authors. The class How to Publish Your Book ideally follows this one.

How to Publish Your Book (COMM_525N)
October 20, 2012, 9-noon, Sarpy Campus
Publishing your book is easier than you think with small-run digital printing, ebooks, and independent publishing as a small business. Gone are the days of query letters and agents. Make your book dream a reality. Book publisher/marketer Lisa Pelto and writer/editor Sandra Wendel will take you step-by-step through the many options and costs. For writers of all types of books, including fiction, printed books, ebooks. If you haven' t put words on paper yet, consider attending the class How to Write Your Book first (not required).

How to Market Your Book (COMM_530N)
November 10, 2012, 9-noon, Sarpy Campus
Learn the most effective strategies for marketing your book from publishing experts Lisa Pelto and Sandra Wendel. Whether you are traditionally published or independently publishing an ebook (digital) or printed book, you must take the lead to create a knock-em-dead book campaign. To be successful, you'll wear the hats of marketing director, publicist, event coordinator, speaker's bureau, and advertising coordinator. Learn what goes into a winning press release, how to pitch to the media, market your book to the trade and directly to consumers, and how to develop an effective and coordinated online presence that includes the power of social media. In addition, you will craft an effective marketing message and your elevator speech, along with receiving a tutorial on the online options. 

You will receive the greatest benefit by taking these classes in sequence; How to Write Your Book, How to Publish Your Book, and How to Market Your Book, but this is not required.

Join us!  It's a fun series -- and every quarter is different because we cater the class to the attendees.  

Note:  The How to E-publish Your Book, Class 050N-70 is not connected to this series and is taught by a different person, however
we cover all of this material and help you decide if epublishing is right for your book.

What did you have for lunch...every day last year?

Ridiculous question, right? Unless you had the exact same thing each day for lunch in the last 365 days, you probably would have a lot of trouble answering this question.  If you wrote it down, you would be able to do it, no problem.

Yet many authors don't write down who helped them, and then end up forgetting about people who contributed. You don't want to put "And for those of you who helped and are not mentioned, you know who you are" in your book.  How lame is that?

As you are working on your book, write down the names and contact information of the people and organizations that have helped you along the way.  All of them, no matter how small the contribution seems at the time. Don't expect to remember everyone you will want to thank later in your acknowledgments -- and you should acknowledge each person that helped you.  

Everyone likes to be recognized for making a contribution to something with permanence.  Also, if you need to follow up on something later, you'll know who to contact.  Finally, most of those in your acknowledgments will be your little marching marketing army because they are in a book! 

Now, back to work!