Thursday, September 9, 2010

Great Books to Fall For!

Be sure to check out these new and upcoming titles from Concierge Marketing Book Publishing Services! They are all available through,, and, as well well as major bookstores.

The Little King and His Marshmallow Kingdom
Written by Lou Rotella
Illustrated by Mark Chickinelli
Published by Ata-Boy Productions
Release Date: September 2010

Belle Boy: A Sister in the Rebel Ranks
Written by Anne Fuller
Published by Fuller Minds
Release Date: September 2010

Mail-Order Kid: An Orphan Train Rider's Story
Written by Marilyn Coffey
Published by Out West Press
Release Date: July 2010

Slow Boat to Pakistan: The Personal Diaries and Letters of Pegge Parker, 1951-1952
Written by Pegge Parker
Edited by John Hlavacek
Published by Hlucky Books
Release Date: December 2010

The Moral Mafia
Written by Dan Reynolds
Published by RNR Publishing
Release Date: August 2010