Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Two New Great Titles Now Available!

Thanks to One of My Favorite Teachers: A Collection of Personal Stories
Written by John Morrissey
Reachable Stars Press
Now available at, and your local bookstore. 

Perfect for every special teacher.

No gift bears greater fruit than the nourishment from a teacher to a willing mind. Those who choose teaching as their vocation don’t do it to inform their students, but to awaken their spirits and their ability to learn.

John Morrissey believes, and has proven in this collection of stories written by a variety of contributors, that virtually everyone can instantly name his or her favorite teacher. He asked hundreds of people across the globe from many walks of life to share a story about that one teacher who had an impact far beyond the classroom. As he posed his question, nearly all were able to share the details of their favorite teacher and the memories that stayed with them long after class was dismissed.

As you read these pages, you’ll see that an extra spark occurs between a student and the teacher destined to be one of their favorites. Enjoy these stories, and remember to thank your own favorite teacher!  


"Many times, it is the smallest moments that mean the most to the children that we teach -- a great reminder of the power of educators to touch futures."
~Donna Whyte, Education Consultant, Founder of

Three Bodies Burning: The Anatomy of an Investigation into Murder, Money, and Mexican Marijuana
Written by Brian Bogdanoff
1161 Press
Now available at,, and

For true crime readers and others who are curious about how police investigations take place.

A haunting triple murder... the inside story of the investigation.

When two worlds collide—the illegal transportation of tons of Mexican cartel marijuana to inner city gang members in a Midwestern city’s “hood”—three bodies end up burning, caught in a web of greed as a major international drug deal goes very bad.

The chilling trail of evidence from a remote wooded area where three bodies are set on fire leads homicide detectives across the country chasing down witnesses and conspirators in a two-year search for cold-blooded killers. This case has it all: murder, piles of cash stashed in the most unlikely of places, a blood-soaked crime scene, the remote dump site for bodies, luxury cars, flashy jewelry, and hundreds of pounds of illegal dope.

An unbelievable break takes detectives down the rabbit hole where CSI meets Law & Order and where good old gumshoeing and meticulous forensic procedures bring down a mega-million-dollar drug conspiracy and lock up the bad guys for life.

Follow the case through the eyes of the gritty homicide/narcotics detective. A handbook for the amateur criminologist, this book is for true crime fans, prosecutors and defense attorneys, and cops and robbers.