Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Is it time for your story?

Why are we seeing so many WWII and
Holocaust Memoirs these days?

Simple answer... It's time.  It's important to capture stories while those who lived them are still around to tell us, in their own words, what they went through.

We have produced two Holocaust memoirs and are working on our third; we've done many WWII era stories -- some private family histories, some major releases.  WWII stories are in the forefront right now because it is just that time in the cycle. These stories have to be told when it is time for that author and family, and not before. It's the same for biographies, family histories, and history in general. It's what we know now, what we didn't know then, what we should learn from it, and how to prevent bad things happening in the future by knowing what happened in the past.

There is no more vulnerable time in a person's life than telling their story when they don't know who might read it... so we help them organize their ideas and their goals prior to beginning writing to ease them into the writing process.  It's a beautiful legacy to leave for the generations that follow. You have a story to tell, you have lessons we should hear, and you have the perfect time to tell it.  

Here are some great WWII era memoirs/biographies we have had to honor to help publish:

 Bread or Death

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