Saturday, March 26, 2011

Small Press Month - Tip # 26

March 26 - Book more radio interviews by being a great guest. Every author dreams of being on Oprah first, every other media second. Yes, it's a pipe dream for most everyone. The big question is:  Are you even ready to do a show with Oprah...or any other radio or television program?

Most authors are not as ready as they think they are for even a local show. But how do you get ready? How do you do a great show? What makes you a good guest that will be invited back?  As with many of life's questions, the answer is Preparation, Courtesy and Understanding. 

Before the interview: Make it easy for the host/producer to book you. Have a phone number that actually reaches a human voice and answer your phone (it's difficult to call them back sometimes). If the show is right for you, agree to a time and then keep it. Rescheduling your life is often easier than a producer's job of rescheduling everyone on their show and making room for you. When scheduling, get the producer's email address and send them a confirmation email, plus any of your information that they need (including your bio and introduction, canned questions they can ask you, unique sound bites about your market, etc.)  Finally, ask them to record your interview and provide a link. (They don't always record, so ask ahead of time.) Practice (out loud) the talking points that you always want to make sure you say clearly and completely. 

During the interview:  If you are supposed to call in, make sure you have the number with you and call five minutes prior to your interview -- don't get miffed if the start of your interview is 5-10-15 minutes late. That's normal. If they are calling you, provide the producer a good phone number, preferably a land line, but if you use a cell phone, stay put in one place for the duration of the interview -- not in a coffee shop with noise! During the interview, answer the questions the host asks and don't be too "familiar" too fast.  Stop talking occasionally and let them ask another question or engage you in a conversation that they think their listeners would enjoy. Your job is to understand your place with this interviewer. REMEMBER: He has the listeners and the audience, and with that comes a promise to THEM, not you. His job is to bring guests that will engage, entertain, educate or inform his listeners -- his obligation is to them, not you. Your job is to make him look good to his listeners for bringing such a great guest on. Be sure you tell them where the book is available in their area, and give them your website.

After the interview:  Let them know if you are okay with follow up questions and how best to reach you. Send the host/producer a written thank you (email is fine, but handwritten is better), and anything else you promised them. Post a link on your website and on Facebook and download the podcast to your server. 

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