Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Small Press Month - Tip # 22

March 22 - Only a few years ago, it was atypical for a company not to have a website.  Back then, if a company was not on the web, customers might still have found them through more traditional methods and may have opted not to hire them, worried that they might be behind the times a bit. Even now, who wants to hire a company that can’t even get a webpage pulled together?  (Personally, we think GoDaddy has the easiest platform on which to build simple websites.)
Today, however, the same goes for a professional Facebook page. That is the first place many people will go now to check you out, and some companies have even gotten rid of their websites and replaced them with Facebook pages. They’re free (for now), so why not?  Facebook pages are super easy to update, and if you want a quick promo or announcement of an appearance -- presto!  It's up in seconds and out to your fan base.   (Don't have a fan base yet? That's another post.)
Oh.... and if you have a website, by golly, make sure to link it to your Facebook page! You’ve got to be where your customers are looking for you and the services you offer.


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