Thursday, March 17, 2011

Small Press Month - Tip # 17

March 17 - Use your business card as your main marketing piece. There is no other marketing piece that has the staying power of the business card. It is cost effective, durable, easy to use, and I believe it has one key feature -- "keepability". Hand a business card to someone and they put it in their purse or wallet and will keep it indefinitely. Hand them a tri-fold brochure that costs three times as much and it gets tossed in the nearest trash can when you are out of sight.

  • Make your card two sided -- don't waste the real estate on the back of that card!
  • Spend a little extra money for full-color on both sides.
  • Side one: Include your company logo, your name and title, phone number, email, website. Don't put your home address on this piece - use a PO Box or a business address.
  • Side two: Include the front cover of your book, ISBN, price, binding, release date, and how to order.
As soon as you have a logo and a book cover, design your business card and get it printed. Start using them immediately! Keep a stack with you all the time, and keep a box in your glove compartment, purse, and laptop bag. Don't hold back in handing these puppies out, people keep them and they use them.

My goal is to use 1000 cards every three months. If you aren't handing out that many, you need to get out more!

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