Friday, April 8, 2011

Blurbs, Testimonials and Endorsements - An Author's Silent Partner

You and your mom can't be the only ones that think you are the best at what you do. There's nothing more powerful to help you make the sale than when someone else says something nice about you. When an author takes the time to solicit the thoughts of others for their book cover or their marketing materials, they are essentially hiring a silent partner that screams BUY THIS BOOK.

We ask our clients to name their "A" List.  There's no reason to be scared to ask -- the worst thing the person can do is say "No." It might feel bad, but you just move on to the next person. Here are some rules:
  1. Make a list of those people that you admire in the field you have chosen to write about.
  2. Do your research to find how best to reach them. Sometimes, it's simple. Think logically first. I got a direct line to a very famous author by entering  He was very nice, but he did tell me no...and I'm still here to talk about it.
  3. When you do find contact information, write a very courteous and SHORT letter asking them if they will review your book, why you selected them.

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