Friday, April 17, 2009

Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew...Or Sell

Why on earth would you want to fill your garage with cases of books? With technology today, you can order a few books, or even one – you can be your own “print-on-demand publisher”. And because digital technology is so cost effective, you can make modest changes or fix errors the second and third and fourth time around when you print your books.

Editor and publishing colleague Sandra Wendel explains, "Over the course of six printings, we have found a few tiny errors in a book on Las Vegas (actually readers have pointed them out). They were slight errors of fact in history, and we have corrected them easily on the second print run because we run short runs (although the runs are getting longer as the book progresses through maturity)."

You don’t have to broadcast to the whole world that your first run is very small—make sure you have a product that will sell before investing too much in huge inventories. Nearly 400,000 books are published each year—to get the attention of a buyer is tough. Start conservatively and react appropriately. This IS a business, after all!

Lisa Pelto, President
Concierge Marketing
and Publishing Services

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