Friday, April 10, 2009

David DeFord's Take on Social Networking

David DeFord, President of Ordinary People Can Win Publishing
Company, and Author of I Wish to be Useful: A Guide for a More Meaningful Life

I've seen a recent upturn in sales of my books on Amazon and on my own website.
I attribute the increased sales to my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn strategy.

Rather than tell every one of my Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections, and Twitter followers when I go to the bathroom or what I'm having for dinner, I keep it professional. Here are a few things I've been doing:
1. Posting motivational quotes that relate to my books
2. Telling everyone when I post a new episode of my podcast, I Wish to Be Useful, on iTunes.

These actions keep me on their minds in a positive light, and prompt some of them to check my podcast.

We’ve recently delved into the social networking world ourselves here at Concierge Marketing – and that’s just what it is – another world. There are so many aspects to social networking, but the good thing is that everything you post can be connected. That’s the trick; to get all of the parts to function as one creature and get your message out there to the right people.

For instance, when we post a new blog entry, we include a link on Twitter to let people know, so that hopefully they’ll click on the link to read it. Or if we find an article we think our friends and followers online would be interested in, we link to it. We are trying to drive traffic to our sites to give ourselves more name recognition, and also to better associate ourselves with others in our field.

Information is found and disseminated so quickly, it’s important to keep your message at the forefront of your tweets, Facebook posts, etc…Otherwise you’ll just get passed up for the next best thing. That’s something I’ve mentioned before, relevancy. So again, make sure that the things you are posting will be of value to potential or current customers.

Erin Pankowski
Marketing Manager
Concierge Marketing
and Publishing Services

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