Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's Not That Much Work

What scares me? 

A person who is looking to hire me and during the first conversation tells me that what they are asking for is "Not that hard," "Not that much work," or "Won't take very long."  

A person who has never published a book (or fill in the blank with whatever work the contractor does) and then proceeds to tell me how to do it.

A person who says "I'm the easiest person you'll ever work with."

A person who tells me they are bluntly and brutally honest during our first meeting.

A person who wants to make "a tiny little change that won't take more than a couple minutes." Forty-seven times.

These are sure signs to any contractor or service provider that trouble is on the horizon. If you are hiring a contractor of any type, these are scary to all of us.

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