Saturday, February 4, 2012

Don't Let the Ship Hit the Fan...

Shipping materials need love too...

When we are doing ANY shipping on ANY book, we test the packaging that we want to use with that book. 

Is it... (Not what the manufacturer says, but what it actually is.)

Durable?  We'll throw it off a couple of buildings and drive over it ourselves, thank you.  Lightweight?  We'll weigh that out ourselves with all the parts.  Ecofriendly?  Specifications please!

Bottom line...

Yes, it does impact your bottom line.  Make sure your books arrive to your customer's doorstep in good shape and looking professional.  And make sure your shipping materials aren't adding more to the cost of your shipping than you are collecting for shipping.  Remember, you may have to pay for an extra pound of shipping for even a fraction of an ounce. 

It matters.

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