Friday, May 20, 2011

Book Expo America and NYC -- Here we come!

Keeping it light and easy this year on our way to BEA.  First stop Saturday: DIY Conference (if our flight is on time.)  Sunday: Brunch with a client, and then off to the first day of IBPA - Publisher's University.  Monday: Into Javits by 7am for networking, then presenting with Amazon's CreateSpace guru Jon Fine on how to work with a publishing services company, and then meetings, meetings, meetings.  Monday night: Ben Franklin Awards. Tuesday: It's off to the races at BookExpo, starting off the day with a rights agent to explore what our clients have been up to... then off to meet with distributors and printers, catalogers and buyers.... and finally, meet with the CEO of Baker and Taylor about a few things that are on my mind. 

We're out there advocating for our clients nationally. Many of our clients are advocating for their platform all around Nebraska and in many places nationally. It's a crazy weekend and a crazier two days to follow, but I'm SO EXCITED!!!

Thanks to my AMAZING staff for pulling everything together, and to my wonderful family for putting up with my passion for the independent author.  We have some really cool tricks up our sleeves for finding real business for y'all!  We'll be reporting regularly here on this blog... stay tuned for news!


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