Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Continuing on with the in-depth examination of the W-A-K-E U-P Marketing Strategy

A = Ask

Once you find a Watch Group that agrees to share their opinions, ask them how they get their information about, in this case, parenting and childcare issues. (Remember our example book is a work-life balance book for parents.) Go so far as to ask them to show you what they read (and tell you why), what other things they like to do, what kinds of online activities catch their attention, etc. Ask them where and how they purchase things for their family -- and WHO BUYS versus WHO USES goods and services in their circle of influence.

Ask them pointed questions about how they like to gather information. Don't ask "yes or no" questions -- ask things that require a short answer. You are more likely to get valuable information that way.

Dig Deeper

Don't let your Watch Group members generalize. For example, when you ask where they gather information and a Watch Group member says "TV" or "Junk Mail", ask for more information. What TV shows? What channels? When do they watch? Do they use DVRs? For direct mail, ask them to save any and all junk mail for you for 2-3 months (in a sack). Ask them which ones caught their eye and enticed them to actually read the piece. Ask them what type of mail would probably lead to a purchase, which ones would normally get tossed without a moment's thought, and which ones get put aside for another day. Send them a shipping label and ask them to ship their direct mail pieces to you for further examination. (Some people want to black-out their name, and that's okay. It isn't necessary to ask them to do that, though.)

Ask your Watch Group how they most like to be communicated with. Do they like workshops? Which ones? Do they read mail? Do they participate in groups online? Which ones? Do they use Facebook for information? Are they otherwise connected online? Do they read blogs? Which ones? Do they read magazines? Which ones? Do they go to trade or consumer shows? Which ones? At what types of retail outlets, both online or in-store, do they shop? Which ones?

Ask, and you will know (which happens to be tomorrow's post)

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