Thursday, April 15, 2010

First the Broccoli, Then the Ice Cream is Now Available!!

Today is the offical launch of Dr. Tim Riley's new book, First the Broccoli, Then the Ice Cream: A Parent's Guide to Deliberate Discipline.

Library Journal gave it a Starred Review, and said the following:
"Psychologist Riley has written an ideal parenting book on discipline. In fact, his advice transcends his own subject and could easily serve as an entire parenting philosophy. Riley's style is warm and engaging, and he clearly cares for children and their well-being. Riley's solid contribution is highly recommended."
ForeWord Clarion Review gave it a Five Star Review, and said:
"The strategies offered in the book are simple to follow and include tips on how to modify the strategy if it isn't working for your child. Parents, caregivers, and teachers will benefit from the behavioral strategies offered here."

Gail Reichlin, Executive Director of The Parents Resource Network and co-author of The Pocket Parent said:
"With clarity, wit, and wisdom, Dr. Tim Riley offers a key understanding of why children do what they do as he skillfully guides moms and dads in developing their own structured approach to effective discipline. Parents will appreciate the friendly tone, real life examples, and sensible, specific strategies for a variety of common challenging behaviors."
Susan M. Wilczynski, Ph.D., BCBS said:
"If you think reading this book will magically lead to the perfect child, you will be disappointed. But get this book if you're interested in learning how to raise your child or adolescent in our complex world. You will find clear, common sense recommendations supplied alongside real world examples."
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