Monday, May 4, 2009

One Small Step for Self Publishers, One Giant Step for the Industry

Readers are not biased against self published books just because they are self published, but most will be turned off if your book looks amateurish. Self published books have had their ups and downs as far as consumer perception. Most of this is due to some authors not paying attention to details such as editing, design, and quality printing. The entire industry hinges on all books that are self published being of a quality that consumers will value so as not to diminish the entire lot.

How do you help the entire industry enhance their image?
- Write a good book (well researched and relevant -- and do you have credentials?)
- Hire a qualified editor and/or indexer (not your mom)
- Hire a trained and talented book designer (not your cousin Vinny)
- Make sure your book meets with publishing standards (ISBN, Library of Congress, etc.)

You will look more credible, and your book will, too. But you'll also be helping everyone else in the independent and self publishing industry. We all need that!

Lisa Pelto, President
Concierge Marketing
and Publishing Services

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